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Industry Credentials

Students can earn course credit in more than 500 industry-recognized credentials that would count toward hundreds of certificate and degree programs in Michigan. Credit may be awarded for specific licensures, certifications, apprenticeships, training academies and other industry-recognized credentials. Industry areas where credits are available include healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, culinary arts, digital media, skilled trades, business and more.

The Michigan Transfer Network allows you to view credit for industry credentials at many Michigan colleges and universities. You can search for equivalencies by sending provider (the provider where you completed the credential) or by the receiving institution (the institution where you plan to transfer the credential).

The Michigan Community College Association hosted a series of workshops to support colleges and universities in their efforts to establish equitable credit for prior learning policies and practices. Workshops focused on creating and modifying institutional policies, aligning credentials, and identifying opportunities to incorporate credential gathering into the student onboarding experience. Recordings and slides are available for each workshop.