Pathways - Protocol & Information


Institutions who wish to join or leave the MiTransfer Pathways or MiWorkforce agreements or modify institutional information can find all the necessary information in the Protocol link below. The MCCA, MASU, and MICU are managing the MiTransfer and MiWorkforce Pathways maintenance process. We update the agreements twice a year in the fall and the spring. The Protocol and supporting documents will help with 59+ institutions in Michigan who are part of this historic work.

PDF icon Protocol for Joining or Leaving the Agreement or Modifying Institutional Information
PDF icon MiTransfer Pathways Common Courses
WORD icon Exceptions Template for MiTransfer Pathways
WORD icon Signature Template for MiTransfer and MiWorkforce Pathways

Visit the MiTransfer & MiWorkforce Pathways page to view the complete current and historical agreements for each pathway.