Technical Resources

Below are resources to support institutions participating in the Michigan Transfer Network.  You may find additional helpful resources on the Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Instructions for Secure Site

Instructions for users with secure access have been moved to the Dashboard on the secure site.  See the Manuals section on the Dashboard.

Michigan Transfer Network Tools and Resources

Instructions and Training Videos

Participating institutions can find instructions for using the site on the secure dashboard.  Instructions include User Login, Uploading Course Equivalencies, Managing Users, Modifying Institutional Information, Scheduling Reports and Viewing Reports.  See the MiTransfer YouTube page to view training videos.  


Site Logos

MiTransfer Logo files [1.3 mb] (.zip file, requires an application to unzip the file. Includes JPGs, PNG and PDF formats)


Marketing Materials 

Coming soon.

Michigan Transfer Agreement

The Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRAO) maintains information for colleges and universities that participate in the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) on their website at  Elsewhere on this website, student-facing information about the MTA is found at the Michigan Transfer Agreement page which also features links to participating college and university MTA webpages.

MiTransfer Pathways Tools and Resources (coming soon)

Handbooks and Guidelines

Coming soon. 


Training Videos and Sample Resources

Coming soon.


Articulation Agreements

Coming soon.